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Hi, my name is Sky Chin.

I Teach You How To Code is a site that helps beginner/intermediate web developers to be three steps ahead than other peers in the real world development.
What are the three steps?
Technical, productivity, and confidence.
I understand that in the fast-paced web development industry, it’s crucial to constantly develop/upgrade your skills. My intention is to share my 7+ years of experience in web development with you.
I believe web development is not a single skill, it is a combination of soft skills. Willingness to learn, observant, patient, and confident are the key elements to be a real programmer.
I’m a Diploma holder in Computer Science. While my friends are studying for higher education (Degree), I was developing my technical skills. Now, I’m the senior who leads few of the Degree holders (some are same age).
I’m the author of Rebuild Twitter with Laravel in Medium. It is a series of guidelines to build a social network, Twitter from scratch with the popular Laravel framework.